Greetings Earthlings

I come in peace ... not pieces.
Shall I dance for you? Inside out?
So that you may see what I can’t help but show, 
Through flesh, through blood, through bone what I know...


I am engaged in the process of searching, identifying, understanding dismantling and re creating the structures that encompass, connect and separate dance and human beings. I am concerned with social context and human consciousness. I seek to understand and combine both the living human being and the social elements of different relations, creating work that provides the performer and viewer with the opportunity to freely experience the energies that are generated and ultimately responded to. 

I am deeply connected to continuously excavating my personal dance vocabulary responsibly and respectfully merging training with experience. I acknowledge a solid foundation in Modern, Post-Modern, Jazz, Classical Ballet and Africanist dance training that has provided me with an ability to generate multi-faceted movement focused on connections between rhythm and technical mechanics. I work from a highly articulate and sequential vocabulary that speaks from my personal dance narrative providing me with an opportunity to advocate growth of physical intelligence. 

I am interested in collaborations that foster viable relationships between dance artists in addition to artists in other genres. I see possibilities for artists to better understand creative processes that utilize improvisation techniques in tandem with structured forms and/or approaches, processes that include delegation of responsibilities along with clear statement of artistic expectations or purpose.

As a choreographer I strive to create dances that speak truthfully, crafting structures that offer participating dancers/performers an opportunity to communicate their genuine experiences by combining fundamental elements of choreography, personal histories, formalized dance techniques and authentic movement. Still there are times when i just want to get lost in the  movement, crafting dance for its own sake and my sanity.
Lacour - Niesen Visuals Inc