“a fresh and promising use of contemporary music and joyous group choreography, blending the rhythmical undulations of jazz with a contemporary aesthetic.”
Nichelle Strzepek, DSH
Houston, TX My Name is jhon r. stronks. 
I am devoted to developing movement based work that is clear, compassionate, and above all else loving in nature ... though not necessarily nice and easy.

Snatched up... Snatched out... Snapped back to nothing and less
2 countries, 6 states, 13 schools, and 12 years...
Not counting kindergarten

A condition of perpetual newness.

A state of communion with the less ness of ground.

A deluge of disintegrating familiarity.

Evaporation of comfort...

Or so one might think, but i am at home here in this state without a capitol, in the city without streets, on avenues yet to be discovered

Long ago i realized my hands would never be large enough to hold all i might fear losing. So rather than leave scratch mark on all that would slip through my fingers... I chose to slip as well, follow the sun, make love of the wind, and rest in the in the knowledge that nothing is permanent... even impermanence...

As a dancer I have had the honor of working, training and performing with Sue Sampson Dalena, Winifred R. Harris, Keith Johnson, Core Performance Company and as a Guest with the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company. 

Although there are many other instructors and experiences that have shaped my artistry these five represent the most important, potent and nurturing dance experiences of my career.

As a choreographer I strive to create dances that speak truthfully, crafting structures that offer participating dancers/performers an opportunity to communicate their genuine experiences by combining fundamental elements of choreography, personal histories, formalized dance techniques and authentic movement. Still there are times when i just want to get lost in the  movement, crafting dance for its own sake and my sanity. My work has been commissioned by dance companies, and festivals, as well as universities and colleges. I have experience creating dances with all ages and levels and in a variety of venues and circumstances.

In addition to the extensive education I received from Cal Sates Long Beach, My most prized  certificate comes from the Teacher Training Institute in Atlanta. TTI is a dance and movement pedagogy program specializing in out reach education and pedagogy for special populations.

I have taught Modern, Jazz and Improvised dance on University and Dance Center faculties in Georgia, Texas and California.

“... his body started speaking in tongues. From these pentecostal eruptions, Stronks is crafting the native language of his long body and lithe limbs.”
Tom Bell, Creative Loafing
Atlanta, GA