Jasmine Hearn 
and jhon r. stronks

# W i n t e r F o r m a l

December 21st 2016 | 7:00pm
@ The Pilot on Navigation (5102 Navigation Blvd.)
photo credit: Scott Shaw
Since June 2103 Choreographer/ Performers Jasmine Hearn and jhon r. stronks have made it an annual habit of presenting solo work in tandem. Their first mashup performance #BlkNWht or B.L.K. Gurls ~n~ W.H.T. Boiz: Singin’ ‘bout Gawd! described as a ritual for spiritual reconciliation, presented as a guided meditation through the fluidity of gender and race revealing a community of acceptance. Their second project Undone was a reckless yet fully aware exploration of past works and present ideas. Their current creative collision #WinterFormal is a reunion that offers a look into the ongoing creative conversation between Jasmine and jhon and finds them and grappling with the fractured future that lay ahead while still in consideration of their pasts, and the present moment. Jasmine and jhon continue digging deeper into their most vulnerable spaces, challenging each other and those around them to #OpenWiderPlease.

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#WinterFormal includes:

the sable venus blue and burning

choreography and performance by Jasmine Hearn 

Jasmine Hearn is a choreographer and dancer. A native Houstonian, she graduated magna cum laude from Point Park University with her B.A. in Dance.  Jasmine travels around the country to showcase her choreographic work and to participate in diverse dance projects. Currently, she is a collaborator and performer with Alisha Wormsley, David Dorfman Dance, Helen Simoneau Danse, and Tara Willis. To learn more about her please visit jasminehearn.weebly.com.

About the project:
Jasmine Hearn's new work is a solo that uses memories of home, travel, and the waters that we visited and that visited us as source for a collage of dance, song, and story-telling. Revisiting imagery from an ongoing collaboration with visual artist and activist Jennifer Myers, Jasmine intends for this to be a map to follow where the sable venus has been in past, present, and future. the sable venus blue and burning is also an account of the journeys of the sable venus, a character inspired by Robin Lewis Coates’ poem The Voyage of the Sable Venus.  

A solo titled CINDER made while an artist in residence at the Dance Source Houston's The BARN is the beginning of this project as a live performance piece. A portion of this project was made while in residence at Movement Research a part of the Movement Research Van Lier 2016 Fellowship program. Its continuation is funded by The Pittsburgh Foundation with the Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Grant and also receives space donation from The Space Upstairs.

Long Fixed, Stare/Survey No. 2/#StarGazing 

Choreography and Performance: jhon stronks 
Video and Projection Design: Brian Buck
Sound Design: dj chicken flava 

About the project: 
#StarGazing is solo performance that combines song, text, movement and video projection to reveal an inner world influenced by the lives, work and deaths of Billie Holiday, and Whitney Houston. #StarGazing is a coming out story that charts a course for self-discovery through a landscape of hopelessness and death unraveling the story of a voice lost and found.