B.L.K. Gurls ~n~ W.H.T. Boiz: Singin’ ‘bout Gawd!
An evening of solo and duet performances by choreographers Jasmine Hearn and jhon r. stronks. B.L.K.~n~W.H.T. is a ritual for spiritual reconciliation. A guided meditation through the fluidity of gender and race revealing the community of acceptance shared between these two artists.
September 24th 9:30pm and 
September 25th 8:00pm 2014 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>@The Barn | 2201 Preston St. | Houston, TX 77003

2b gin w/
Featuring William vonReichbauer
Choreographic Direction and Performance: Jasmine Hearn and jhon r. stronks

Music: "Wayfaring Stranger" (Traditional), "20 Paces" by The Darnell Woodies, "I'm the One" by Glenn Danzig

2b continued
Choreographic Direction and Performance: Jasmine Hearn and jhon r. stronks

Text: Jasmine Hearn
Music: Over My Head (traditional) Im Coming Home (jrs)

If god left the lights on could we walk alone at night?***
Choreographed and Performed by Jasmine Hearn

A simple, sensual, moving collection of images that have been remembered from literature, film, and experience.  Humanizing many labels of women, the piece only asks: why has the female sex been so over valued but her sexuality so under-appreciated? 
***This piece contains nudity and sexual content.

Mama am I clean now? 
Choreographic Direction: Jasmine Hearn
Performed: jhon r. stronks

This work in progress is inspired by the ritual of presenting young girls dressed in white to their communities. A look back at debutante balls and religious organizations traditions of her past experience. 

Blue.Pink.Yellow (born from the Miss. Understood series)
Choreographic Direction and Performance by jhon r. stronks


Jasmine Hearn is a native Houstonian, graduated from Point Park University with her B.A. in Dance. She currently lives in Pittsburgh. Jasmine currently moves with the Staycee Pearl dance project (PGH), Marjani Forte (NYC) and anonymous bodies (PHIL).  Her choreography has premiered in the Pittsburgh area.  

jhon r. stronks is often accused of presenting his audiences with seemingly disobedient work that behaves according to its own sanity. Stronks' passion for giving address to the gaps between what is perceived and what is present, lands his work somewhere between a cry for personal consciousness and a plea for social justice. 

Premiere Date June 1st 2013 @ City Dance Studios Houston, TX